San Diego is a very popular city in the United States. It is the fourth place on the list of larger cities in the United States and in second position in California. It is located in coast of Pacific Ocean that is situated in Southern California. Southern California is popular as adjacent of “Mexican border”. San Diego is famous for its “mild year” round climate, water harbor and association with United States navy. Population of this place was 1,301,617 according to the census of year 2010. Earthquake In San Diego affected to the life of many people.

Earthquakes have different rates and speeds. Earthquakes can affect the life of people and it can be a major cause of damages of non-living things. Earthquakes are natural phenomenon and it occurs due to shaking of tectonic plates of earth. It is major problem and after its occurrence sometimes government pay cost to the affected people and their families. In past time, earthquake was occurred due tom the fault of rose canyon. It was not a major earthquake in urban area of San Diego. This earthquake came after many years in San Diego and created a history of 11000 years of earthquakes.

The weather channel provides information about earthquakes of San Diego city of United States. Weather report is helpful for getting information about latest weather condition of San Diego. It has Mediterranean climate. Mediterranean climate means it has fine weather during whole year but an earthquake of last year was main reason of damages of many things. If you want to more about it then you can take help of internet. You can also get different types of maps by which you can easily understand affected areas of San Diego due to earthquake. Lines and symbols of different colors show affected areas of San Diego or you can more details from various magazines also.

Earthquake In San Diego

There are various websites available online that provide complete information about Earthquake In San Diego as,,,,,,,, and These all websites are very useful to provide different types of information about earthquakes. Recent last earthquake of San Diego was contained magnitude of 5.8 in Northern Baja of California and in noontime; it had magnitude of 4.9 quakes and gives nine shocks to whole city. Government of United States had given many contributions for recovering damages of San Diego due to earthquakes. It distributed large amount of money to people as a charge of recovery of damages.

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